JDS FAQ Addendum

Following is a proposed top-of-the-mind addendum that I hope to polish up and incorporate into the main body as time permits. Please let me know what you think. Additions/alterations/suggestions/all welcome as always. I intend adding to this page as I do some more loud thinking into inking (cursoring?)


Answer to all the Text-based questions like why Seymour committed suicide etc.:
The way we'd like to answer all these is that it depends upon your subjective reading and interpretation. And mood. And the weather. And general disposition. And the philosophical bent, faith or belief. Not to mention the price of onions. Ever been to the "Shit Happens" page? That might give you an idea. Try it.

What are the exact contents of Bessie Glass' kimono pockets?
What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Any Salinger text made into a movie?
Two that we know of. One -- My Foolish Heart -- shall we say loosely? -- based on "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut" in 1949, described by Hamilton as a "travesty even by Hollywood criteria." Might put Holden's rage against the movies, when we reflect that it opened at Radio City around Christmas time, a month when "Salinger would have been half way through the novel he'd been planning for ten years." (CITR released July 1951). D.B.'s prostituting himself to Hollywood ring a bell, anybody? Yeah, the same D.B. who became famous for, "The Secret Goldfish." There. Here's a clue for you all -- the Walrus was Paul.
And the second is an award winning Iranian film, Sara, supposedly based on Franny & Zooey. Sometime in the mid 90's. For more info, please see Internet Movie Databases. (Will add some details here)

Wasteland and Inverted Forest.
JDS' Favourite authors.
The Emily Dickinson poem.
No, Jane Gallagher is not related to Bessie Gallagher Glass to the best of our knowledge.
Intertextuality. Early Caulfieild stories.
Buddy Glass, author.