Uncollected Stories

Till Warren French discovered Go See Eddie, it was widely believed that there were twenty tales notably absent from his only collection, Nine Stories.. Once Hapworth was published, and till the time it is available in a book form, there are a total of 22 stories not ever published between book covers.

If you've read through the link on That David Copperfield Kind of Crap, you'd know all about the controversy reagrding the pirated compilation of these stories as well as old JDS' views thereon —that he wants them to die their natural death. His ire and anger on those unscrupulous, well, entrepreneurs is perfectly legitimate and understandable, as is perhpas a serious JDS fan desperately wanting to read these stories. Perhaps, there'd be a helpful Miss Overman around somewhere in a linbrary near you! Happy rummaging through the archived /micro-filched old issues of these magazines.

If you can't find these stories in a library near you, one way could be to make friends on the Bananafish Mailing List (I hang around there, too) and who knows, maybe some benificient spirit may just be moved enough to send you e-texts of some of the hard to find stories. But look around first--the e-texts doing the rounds are likely to be infested with typos and wouldn't in all likelyhood have the trademark JDS punctuation or italicised emphasis. (And, uh, incidentally, I don't have any e-texts with me anymore, so please don't ask me!)

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