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Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters

As you can see this page is still under construction. Please come back again after a few days and you'll find this site massively renovated and updated. Offhand, off the cuff, I can promise some good links, fundas and edifying-for-the-soul stuff on the fo llowing. I am typing all this down frentically, frenziedly so that I'd roughly have some framework to work within. Don't be surprised to find this site totally revamped next time you come a-visitin'. It's primarily going to be about the three D's above pe rhaps some tenuously worked in links to DNA (Douglas Adams), Doug Hofstadter, and some Gould-bashing. Yeda, yeda, yeda, blah Dennett, blah fundamental interconnectedness of life, the Universe & everything, plus sundry illuminating ruminations

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Sonny (Sundeep Dougal) Holden Caulfield, New Delhi, INDIA