That David Copperfield Kind of Crap...

Jerome David Salinger

A Chronology
1919 01 Jan
Born at NY Nursery and Child's Hospital on West 61st.St Second Child, only son, of Solomon.S & Miriam Jilich, nee. Marie. Family lived at 3681 Broadway.Moved to 113th. Street, Upper West Side
Moved to 221, West Eighty-second Street, near American Museum of Natural History & the zoo in Central Park
Moved across the park to an apartment building on the corner of Park and East Ninety-first Street. Enrolls McBurney School, Manhatten (NY West 63rd. St) Reporter on The McBurnian; Acted in two school plays -female part in each: Marie's Ankle & Jonesy
Enrolls Valley Forge Military Academy, Pennsylvania Literary Editor, Crossed Sabres, the School Year Book
Nicknamed "Salinger the Sublime"
Acts as Ralegh in R.CC. Sherriff's Journey's End Contributes class song Graduates, Valley Forge Military Academy
Applies to New York University, accepted for Fall Semester.
Vienna and Poland visits with Sol to learn Cheese & Ham Importing Business--and to improve his French and German. Wrote English advertising copy for an Austrian business associate of Sol's. Visit to Bydgoszcz.
Short stint at Ursinus College, Collegetown, Pennsylvania. "The Skipped Diploma: Musings of a Social Soph" column featuring movie reviews etc. for the College paper, Ursinus Weekly. Ernest Hemingway, "underworked and drooled."Frances Thierolf, later, Glassmoyer.
Joins Whit Burnett's short-story writing class at Columbia University Admiration for Sherwood Anderson, Ring Lardner, Scott Fitzgerald. Intrigued by William Saroyan
1940 Mar-Apr
"The Young Folks" in Whit Burnett's Story Magazines. Gets $25
"Go See Eddie" in The University of Kansas City Review, earlier rejected by Esquire.
12 Jul "The Hang of It" in Collier's
"The Heart of a Broken Story" Sells what was to be "Slight Rebellion Off Madison" to New Yorker, publication delayed due WWII, till 1946 Classified 1-B by Selective Service, Works as Entertainment Director on M.S. Kungsholm
1942 Sep-Oct
"The Long Debut of Lois Taggett," Story, XXI
12 Dec
"Personal Notes of an Infantryman," Collier's, CX Reclassified by SS, drafted into U.S. Army Attends Officers, First Sergeants, and Instructors School of Signal Corps. Romantic Correspondence with Oona O'Neill, Eugene O'Neill's daughter and later Charlie Chaplin's wife. Elizabeth Murray correspondence. Marriage on the mind.
1943 17 Jul
"The Varioni Brothers," The Saturday Evening Post, CCXVI Stationed in Nashville, Tennessee as Staff Sergeant Transferred to Army Counter-Intelliegence Corps
1944 26 Feb
"Both Parties Concerned," The Saturday Evening Post, CCXVI -Orig JDS title: "Wake me when it thunders"
15 Apr
"Soft-Boiled Sergeant," The Saturday Evening Post, CCXVI -Orig JDS title: "Death of a Dogface"
15 Jul
"Last Day of the Last Furlough," The Saturday Evening Post, CCXVII
Counter Intelligence training at Tiverton in Devonshire, England Lands on Utah Beach Normandy on D Day Participates in five campaigns in Europe
Meets Ernest Hemingway
Nov-Dec "Once A Week Won't Kill You," Story, XXV. Sends Whit Burnett $250 as a contest prize for another young writer and proposes a collection of stories to be called "The Young Folk"
1945 31 Mar
"A Boy in France," The Saturday Evening Post, CCXVII
"Elaine," Story, XXVI
Letter to Hemingway about hospitalisation in Nuremburg Possible threat of "psychiatric discharge: from the army.
Gets married to a French girl, Sylvia, a doctor, either a psychologist or an osteopath
"This Sandwich Has No Mayonnaise," Esquire, XXIV
Discharge from the army
01 Dec
"The Stranger," Collier's, CXVI
12 Dec
"I'm Crazy," Collier's, CXVI, first published story about CITR
1946 May
Return to US with Sylvia
21 Dec
"Slight Rebellion Off Madison," The New Yorker, XXII 90-page Novellette accepted for publication withdrawn.
1947 Jan
Moves to Tarrytown, in Westchester County, a small apartment over a suburban garage.
"A Young Girl in 1941 with No Waist at All," Mademoiselle, XXV Moved to a barn studio in Stamford, Connecticut, moving to Wisconsin for the Summer of 48, prolly a girlfriend angle.
"The Inverted Forest," Cosmopolitan, CCXXII
1948 31 Jan
"A Perfect Day for Bananafish" in New Yorker-first Seymour Glass appearance
"A Girl I Knew," Good Housekeeping, CXXVI -selected for Best American Short Stories of 1949
20 Mar
"Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut," The New Yorker, XXIV
05 Jun
"Just Before the War with the Eskimos," The New Yorker, XXIV
"Blue Melody," Cosmopolitan, CXXV Orig."Scratchy Needle on a Phonograph Record."Moved to Westport Connecticut.
1949 19 Mar
"The Laughing Man," The New Yorker, XXV
"Down at the Dinghy," Harper's, CXCVIII
1950 ??
Begins studying Advaita Vedanta under Swami Nikhilananda at Sumitra Paniter Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center in NYC.
21 Jan
"My Foolish Heart", film version of Uncle Wiggily released by Samuel Goldwyn Studio
08 Apr
"For Esme-With Love and Squalor," The New Yorker, XXVI -also in Prize Stories of 1950
1951 14 Jul
"Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes," The New Yorker, XXVII
16 Jul
"The Catcher in the Rye"
1952 May
"De Daumier-Smith's Blue Period," World Review, XXXIX -only known story published outside USA. Discomforted to be selected as one of three distinguished Alumini of the year by the Valley Forge Military Academy
1953 31 Jan
"Teddy," The New Yorker, XXVIII Moves to Cornish, New Hampshire
06 Apr
"Nine Stories"
1955 29 Jan
"Franny," The New Yorker, XXX
17 Feb
Marries Claire Douglas
19 Nov
"Raise High the Roofbeam, Carpenters," The New Yorker, XXXI
09 Dec
Man-Forsaken Man: in New York Post Magazine
10 Dec
Daughter, Margaret Ann, born
1957 04 May
"Zooey" in New Yorker
1959 06 Jun
"Seymour: An Introduction," The New Yorker, XXXV
1960 13 Feb
Son, Matthew, born
1961 14 Sep
"Franny and Zooey"
1963 28 Jan
"Raise High the Roofbeam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction"
Contriibuted for what was to be published in 1975 in "Epilogue: A Salute to Whit Burnett", originally intended for Story Jubilee: "33 Years of Story" in 1965.
1965 19 Jun
"Hapworth 16, 1924", The New Yorker
1967 Nov
Divorce granted Claire Salinger at Newport, New Hampshire (Sullivan County seat)
Repays with interest a $75,000 advance from Little, Brown
Complete Uncollected Short Stories of J.D.Salinger -unauthorised edition in two volumes, Berkely, California
03 Nov
"J.D.Salinger Speaks about His silence", New York Times First public statement in years to Lacey Fosburgh, San Fransisco correspondent, denouncing "terrible invasion of my privacy." "Stolen Coat" analogy. And the hope that those stories "Die a perfectly natural death"
Fiction Writers's Handbook by Hallie and WHit Burnett with the entry above for 1964.
"For Rupert--with No Promises" by Gordon Lish in Esquire.
1980 Jun
Betty Eppes "Interview"
John Lennon shot dead by Mark David Chapman, copy of CITR in hand.
1981 24 Jul
"What I Did Last Summer" by Betty Eppes in Paris Review
"Benedictus" in New York Times, full page ad. Journalist sued for trying to sell a fake interview to People. "Shoeless Joe" by W.P. Kinsella
Suit granted in his favour against San Fransisco booksellers Granted an injunction against the publication of an unauthorised biography by British writer Ian Hamilton
1987 Jan
Joins other New Yorker contributors in a protest against the replacement of editor William Shawn by new publishers.
08 Mar
Son Matthew (Matt) Salinger stars in CBS telefilm Deadly Deception
Injunction against Hamilton's "J.D.Salinger--A Writing Life" made permamnent by U.S. Supreme Court
1988 02 Feb
Kevin Sim's The Man Who Shot John Lennon on British ITV Ian Hamiton's, re-written, In Search of J.D.Salinger
1996 08 Dec
News of listing of "Hapworth16, 1924" at on Bananafish List by Sundeep Dougal (Ha, my pathetic attempts to share "top-billing!")
Media breaks the news of Hapworth release. Hapworth yet to be published.

The above is ofcourse in its evolutionary stages, drawing primarily on the following sources:

J.D.Salinger, Revisited by Warren French
In Search of J.D.Salinger by Ian Hamilton
Salinger, Ed. by Henry Anatole Grunwald
Bananafish Mailing List

I hope to get down to editing, updating and branching it out to link it with details.

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