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Heraclitus, wassit, who said that you can't step into the same river twice? Lemme get all rhetorical and ask if you can visit the same page twice..

While I am still struggling with the rest of this site and how best to organise the information on Eastern Philosophy in particular, I thought I would just append the following quote from Woody Allen which I happened to be re-reading last night.

"..but it made no sense at all. Socrates was a suicide--so they said. Christ was murdered. Nietzsche went nuts. If there was someone out there He sure as hell didn't want anybody to know it..Could Descartes have been right? Was the Universe dualistic? Or did Kant hit it on the head when he postulated the existence of God on moral grounds.

.......... "Claire, what if Kierkegaard's right?
"You mean?
"If you can never really know. Only have faith.
"Don't be so absurd.
"Don't be so rational.
"Nobody's being rational,Kaiser.' She lit a cigarette. 'Just don't get ontological. Not now. I couldn't bear it if you were ontological with me.'

............. "So you pretend to study philosophy because that gives you a chance to eliminate certain obstacles. You get rid of Socrates easy enough, but Descartes takes over, so you use Spinoza to get rid of Descartes, but when Kant doesn't come through you have to get rid of him too..
"You don't know what you are saying.
"You made mincemeat out of Leibniz, but that wasn't good enough for you because you knew if anybody believed Pascal you were dead,...
"Oh, Kaiser, we could get away together. Just the two of us. We could forget about philosophy. Settle down and maybe get into Semantics."

............ "The manifestation of the universe as a comple idea unto itself as opposed to being in or outside the true Being of itself is inherently a conceptual nothingness or Nothingness in relation to any abstract form of existing or to exist or having existed in perpetuity and not subject to laws of physicality or motion or ideas relating to non-matter or the lack of objective Being or subjective otherness."

Woody Allen, Getting Even, Mr. Big

Oh, incidentally, would you want to know what one Mr.Ogden Nash had to say about Descartes?

And the best place, possibly, atleast for general dope on Western Philosophy is Philosophy in Cyberspace: Main Index

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