J.D.Salinger was called Sonny, in his solemn, polite childhood.

My childhood name used to be spelled Sunny. I changed it to Sonny, on the advice of a numerology-smitten friend. (Ah, she, incidentally, also made me change the spellings to my full, official name, Sandeep Duggal to Sundeep Dougal. as this one is supposed to be more, uh, beneficient or something. Ah, well.
And, oh, incidentally, one of an old JDS stories,(1943) The Varioni Brothers, has one Sonny Varioni. The brothers Varioni also make a fleeting appearance in Blue Melody (1948).


"Raise high the roof beam, carpenters.
Like Ares comes the bridegroom,
Taller far than a tall man"
This is ofcourse from Sappho, who according to Buddy, had always been a great favourite —at appropriately staggered time intervals — with all the children in the Glass family, largely through the immeasurable impact of Seymour's taste in poetry.

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Sonny (Sundeep Dougal) Holden Caulfield, New Delhi, INDIA